About Me

Who am I?

Hey, my name is Karl and I come from a tiny island called Gozo, part of the Maltese Islands in the middle of the Mediterranean.

For a time in my life I put most of my energy in finding ways to destroy  myself, mostly through various drugs, a heroine addiction, alcohol and all sorts of other destructive behaviour that comes with that.

For almost 10 years I’ve been, with the help of those around me and something Higher then myself, finding ways to turn that behaviour around and turn my life around. This resulted in finding ways to make me feel alive and feel passionate about actually being alive.

Some of the passions I’ve discovered are challenging myself through physical exercise in nature (which mostly takes the form of open water swimming and trail running or hiking), good company, travelling, eating well, and finding ways to challenge myself and grow spiritually through the experiences I go through.

 Why JourneyWithHeart.com

My experience has led me to believe that life is a journey, and the many imaginary destinations we arrive at are just landmarks and pit stops to point us in the next direction and help us keep on going. I also believe that I want to live this journey with heart, meaning putting my heart into it and living out my passions with love towards myself and others. I decided to start this blog because I love writing what goes through my head and sharing my experiences with others. Maybe I can also help inspire others to find a better life and come closer to living true to their purpose and passions. This will be a space where I can share my experiences, insights and thoughts about all that I love and all that i learn through life.

Exercise & Nature

Both of these interests had started to show up and be present more and more in my life and now I feel I’ve found a way to connect them both together and I honestly feel I’ve found the perfect match. Most mornings I wake up and before or after meditating I go for a run, swim, or both. And as much as possible I try to do so out in nature. I run mostly on trails and swim in the open seas since I’m lucky enough to be living on a tiny island surrounded by the sea and beautiful nature. When I’m travelling I look for places that afford my passion and get away from busy cities as much as possible. This gives me a great way to feel connected with my inner self and the natural world around me, a world full of vibrating energy! I am a big believer that Nature is our biggest healer, and the more close we live to it the better we feel! Sometimes I challenge myself by doing Ultra Marathons or long distance swims, where my main goals are to do my best and exceed my perceived limitations.

Food & Nutrition

Food is another passion of mine, I love eating good food and I love tasting new stuff. I also believe that I am what I eat and food really is my medicine, so I had to find a way to combine these two. Over the past few years I went from eating anything that passed through my way and taking prescription drugs for any ailment I felt to trying to strengthen my immune system by eating more natural unprocessed foods and treating illness with natural remedies and letting my body heal itself and get stronger in the process. I get sick much less now and when I do I feel that my body fights it off in a much shorter time.

I eat a mostly vegetarian diet except for some fresh fish a few times a year. I feel best when I eat a mostly raw vegan diet with some cooked foods in the evening. But I still allow myself to eat other stuff occasionally, just because I love eating different foods and, honestly, I love the comfort food gives me sometimes. Pizza, chocolate, and the occasional ice cream are always really tasty! Although as time goes by I am opting to make a healthier version of these myself, making raw chocolate and vegan versions of things I like eating.


I also discovered that I love to travel. When I was younger I had never given travel a real thought and had only done a couple of trips with school and family, but after getting on a plane when I was around 20 years old with my brother and a friend of mine, I realized I want to see more of the world. Today I’ve been to a few European countries, India and a few other Asian and South American countries. And I plan to travel more in the near future. I travel to see different cultures and feel the way people live in other places, meet new people and see the different natural surroundings each place offers.

Spiritual Growth

All the above contribute to a life that I feel is moving towards a higher spiritual ideal. But apart from all that I also include meditation in my regular routine. I have been meditating for the past 7 years but some years ago I decided to take it more seriously and went to a Vipassana retreat which helped me understand why I meditate and gave me the means to do it better. It also helped me see the way my mind works more clearly.

I also try to live my life according to sound spiritual principles like honesty, open mindedness, willingness and effort. I believe that to have a happy life with minimum stress I have to help in creating a better world, and this I do by trying to be the best I can be at any given moment. Many times I feel I fall short of my ideals, just cause i’m human, but I keep giving it a go and doing the best i can 🙂