Another Way to Cultivate Belief

Today I got asked by a friend in Bangkok, “how did you get to do this?’, that is, decide to leave home and travel for a year. After a month in my trip I’m no expert on travelling long term. But it got me thinking: how do I get to doing the things I’m doing, and what keeps me from doing other things I want to do.

Well in my experience it comes down mostly to belief, faith that it will happen. I have mostly only manifested things that I really started believing will happen, living them before they start happening. But how do I let that faith grow, how do I change a belief? The first time I thought of travelling for longer than a month I was in India, for a month, and I thought, one day, I want to do this for at least 3 or 6 months, possibly even going solo. So a year later I was planning to travel to Indonesia with my then girlfriend for a month, and when she couldn’t make it I started looking for someone else to join me. But it had to be someone I could get along with. Travelling with someone can be a heavy if you’re not into the same stuff, even if you wake up at different times, anything can bug you!

Then it dawned on me: I can do this on my own. I already have a hard time deciding stuff on my own, fighting in my own head, let alone with somebody else. A friend of mine had done a short solo trip and that gave me hope. Then I got on the Internet and looked up solo travelling, cause I didn’t know much solo travellers from my country (yet). There I found out it’s a very common thing, many people do it, and all of them love it. And I did too! For all the usual reasons: getting to meet more people, doing what I wanted, changing plans in the last minute without consulting anyone, and so on.

What I’m getting at is that for me the easiest way to change a belief is to get in touch with people who already did what I want to do, be it local or on the many forums on the net. Read blogs about it, research it, talk about it. Then the faith will grow. I start believing that it’s a possible thing to do and I can do it too.

I really believe that surrounding myself with the people I want to be like is the key to gain faith in something new, something I didn’t think I have in me. Then life always led me to meet more people who think like me, I start attracting what I want. But first I have to get out of my comfortable every day situation and go for something I want, start small, do the first step. Then the road will continue to reveal itself along the way and I start discovering the twists and turns along the way.

When I returned from Indonesia I was just thrown into a whole scene of local people, who are now great friends of mine, who had gone travelling and done a lot of things I wanted to do, and my head started seeing this as something normal.

And I do this in all areas of my life. I feel an intuition, I start looking it up, I find that although I don’t know anything about it, there is a whole lot of people who do. So I listen and read their advice, then I find my own way, see what works for me, tailor it to my size! I did it with my spiritual life, with the way I eat and with the way I live. And I look forward to do it in all the other areas of my life which I want to change but something is holding me back (the usual fears of not being able to or not being good enough etc…)

At the moment I’m doing the same thing to believe I can do my next adventure, which is cycle through Asia. As it is I am in Bangkok waiting for the bike I bought to be assembled and set up. And then I delve into new territory. Looking forward to it too.

So lets surround ourselves with wise people, the people we want to be! Be humble, ask for help!

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