It takes me a lot of conscious effort to run a trail i ran in 21 minutes
Back in 19 minutes
Just to gain 2 minutes
That helps me to realise that rushing through my day won’t help getting things get done quicker, it just makes me more stressed!
How many times in the day do we notice ourselves rushing
Thinking we will get more stuff done
I even eat the food I enjoy so much in a rush sometimes
Notice your breath in those moments, and probably it will be short and shallow
Meaning we are stressed
Lack of oxygen to our body is the number one cause of disease, stress, low energy, a foggy and unbalanced mind
All in the name of doing things “quickly”
How quickly do we want our lives to pass?
If its over today, or tomorrow, I want to look back and know that I was there, present, while living it.
So remember to breath consciously and deeply, every time you notice you aren’t
A regular practice focusing your attention on the breath helps me notice my presence later on in the day, when I’m “getting things done”
Breath – it’s always with us – the easiest and most accessible tool to calmness and peace!

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