Joy in Simplicity

A few days ago I woke up and got an email and phone call that were not filled with much positive news. Some issues related to the family business that are not important getting into.

After deciding that I would deal with them when I actually need to deal with them, I did as I do most every morning: I walked down to the seaside and jumped in!

As soon as I touched the water, I got the regular but never-old feeling of joy I always get. Then I swam for some time, and during the swim I started thinking of the joy in simplicity.

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Nature Time With Ourselves

How can we live calmly in the hectic world we live in? How can our mind stay stable when it is being bombarded with all the stimulations coming from today’s world?

Whether we admit it or not, the fact is that city life, and the working life we live, is not natural to human beings, and we have not yet adapted to it (thankfully). We evolved in lush, natural areas, much less populated then today.

We all feel great after we spend even 15 minutes next to the ocean, or walking in the countryside. Our mind feels naturally calmer.

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Lessons from Nature – Change is Life

As I was sitting by a waterfall close to Dharamkot, Dharamshala, I got one of my recurring realizations: nature is always new, and it always amazes! It was only the second time I had been to this waterfall, once during a run and this time I walked here and brought food so my friend and I could spend some time there and enjoy it.

The quiet path to get there is amazing in itself, full of lush green trees and loads of different birds to stop me wondering in my tracks. Then the waterfall goes through some beautiful crystal clear pools that I would have swam in had it been a little sunnier. Just drinking some of the water gave us a brain freeze.

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Transylvania Trail Traverse – Lessons From Endurance

I’ve been attracted to running long distances since I heard that it’s possible. Last year I felt I wanted to start increasing my mileage, so I did, little by little, till I met a group of guys in Malta who loved running and loved nature and organized a couple of trail runs a week. In short this is what led me to Romania this September to try and run my first Ultra marathon.

The race was set in the Transylvanian mountains, the distance 52km and the elevation gain 4300m. Wow! Never dreamt I’d sign up for such a thing.  When I signed up for it I thought it will be around 8 hours of running and walking, and then I found out I was just a little off the mark!

Here we were, 5 guys from Malta, all with a passion for running and nature, two of us with previous ultra experience and 3 newbies. I had never even run an official marathon, never really felt attracted to it. But this, this looked awesome! My only fear was that I would not be able to do it because in training for it I overdid it a little and over trained and now I had a small repetitive strain injury near my knee. This was making it painful to run, and even just walk down stairs at times. But since I had already booked my flight and ticket I thought I’ll give it a try and if it gets too painful I’ll just stop.

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