It takes me a lot of conscious effort to run a trail i ran in 21 minutes
Back in 19 minutes
Just to gain 2 minutes
That helps me to realise that rushing through my day won’t help getting things get done quicker, it just makes me more stressed!
How many times in the day do we notice ourselves rushing
Thinking we will get more stuff done
I even eat the food I enjoy so much in a rush sometimes
Notice your breath in those moments, and probably it will be short and shallow
Meaning we are stressed
Lack of oxygen to our body is the number one cause of disease, stress, low energy, a foggy and unbalanced mind
All in the name of doing things “quickly”
How quickly do we want our lives to pass?
If its over today, or tomorrow, I want to look back and know that I was there, present, while living it.
So remember to breath consciously and deeply, every time you notice you aren’t
A regular practice focusing your attention on the breath helps me notice my presence later on in the day, when I’m “getting things done”
Breath – it’s always with us – the easiest and most accessible tool to calmness and peace!

It’s OK to stop, rest, slow down!

If we live life as if we are training for a race, training to get ourselves to the finish line in a time that makes us feel we have have achieved “something”
We still want to enjoy the training, our journey there
And realise that it’s not about the finish line at all
Whatever goals we have, whatever we think we are working “for”
We don’t need to run ourselves down on our way there
If we get injured while training, or in the race itself, it’s ok to stop, rest, slow down, whatever our body needs.
Nobody is judging us but ourselves.
Getting to the finish with a busted body, needing months to recover, may be a bit counterproductive
I observe myself and others living in this way, running and running to achieve and meet our goals, and forgetting to stop and breathe on the way. Than we get to the “end” and start the process all over again.
Keep asking “Why?”
“For what?”
“For who?”
Let our body dictate our pace. Let it build its own strength. Let the mind get stronger along the way without forcing!
Do the race because you enjoy the training.
Life is too short to live just at the finish line!

Bringing our Subconscious to Consciousness

Look at your life, see if it is filled with emotions of joy and peace, or of anxiety and stress. What is being created in your life ? Is it the life you want? Do you even feel you deserve it?

Whether we want to admit it or not, we are creating our reality, we are responsible for the way we feel. Even science proves this.

Many times, we are just not aware of what is making us feel in some way, or even what emotions we are being run by.

Cause it is all buried in our subconscious and our life is run on an automatic program emerging from there.

Everything we experienced when we were young, and the emotions that those experiences created, got lodged there.

So the first step into changing our life is allowing the subconscious to become conscious. And there are different ways of doing this.

Meditation is one of simplest ways. Free-writing or unconscious writing is another.

We sit and start watching our mind. And it might be uncomfortable at first, cause we don’t want to see what’s coming up.

But the next step is dis-identifying ourselves from anything that comes up and realising that it is not who we are!

There were times in my life when I lived out of anger, out of fear, out of unworthiness. And sometimes I still do, but at that time I didn’t realise it. I thought that was who I am, and things were just happening to me. Now I can notice it and stop acting from that space, and consciously move into a space of calmness, peace.

So, first admit that you are creating this, take that first step, and then continue the process to uncovering those unconscious patterns. Bring your mind out into the open.

The next step after this would be to start consciously creating the person you want to be. This also takes discipline and determination, but obviously it is worth it, and it really takes less energy to do then the energy we use to hold onto our unconscious patterns, and the discomfort they create, the discomfort we become attached to and afraid to let go of lest we lose ourselves. And I’ll write more about my experience on that in my next post.

From April 2017 I will be offering a life-coaching/mentoring program on a holistic lifestyle, body, mind and spirit, cause they all go together!

How can we be the best version of ourselves, attracting the best life for ourselves? What holds us back, and how can we let go of this and make space for the new?

I do this because I enjoy sharing my experience of life with others. If you think you or someone else may benefit from this, get in touch with me for more details –

Passing Through

“Passing through, passing through.
Sometimes happy, sometimes blue,
Glad that I ran into you.
Tell the people that you saw me passing through.” LC – Passing Through

What are we taking so seriously today? Death, heartbreak, loss of a job, hurt your toe, woke up sick, punctured tire, sick family member? Our neighbour is pissing us off?

Maybe we’re not living the way we think we should be living? Not doing enough?

What is taking up space in our mind this moment ?

Those lines are always a great reminder that we are just PASSING THROUGH.

Whatever we think is so important, isn’t really. Whatever we think we should be achieving…

go out and achieve it, and if you do, great, if you don’t, well at least you tried, enjoy the adventure.

Whatever it is you’re feeling, joy, sorrow, health, sickness, it will change, so don’t worry to much about it. At least don’t make it last more than it’s meant to last by living through memory!

We don’t know what’s round the corner, we know where we are now, and we can only make the best of this now, NOW!

All is Change

Sometimes, I sit in the comforting darkness and let my mind run.

Look at all the stuff it brings up.

Even what I label as good is just “stuff” coming through.

I sit here, and I let it sink in, that we really are just passing through.

And whatever is passing through us is also just passing through. Every thought and every experience.

Whatever importance we may attach to it is just our label, our perception, our need to make it “real” and immortal.

All that seems to matter is that I allow joy to shine through this being.

And only when I remove the clouds of self-ish-ness that I sometimes hang on to, can that happen.

And some clouds can sit there a long time suspended in the humid air creating stormy pressure, getting darker, till they disperse, dissolve, burst into rain. Realising there was nothing!

Only when I live every action as an action of service to All – including me – does that Joy seem to shine through.

Then even sadness can be joyfull cause there is no one resisting or trying to get rid of it.

When I try to DO any-thing to “make” me happy, seems its just futile.


“Healing” can become re-living.
Have you ever noticed in a retreat, a conversation, a healing space, where something comes up, how long you want to keep talking about it?
And what happens when you’re asked to drop it? Have you ever noticed the resistance to do that?
If you notice a thorn in your foot, you probably would just throw it away and keep on walking and the foot will start to heal. Though sometimes we decide to keep it in there so we have a story to tell, or keep it in our pocket to show it to everyone, while our foot’s already healed.
Past emotions, traumas, may get stored in our body, but once we become conscious of them, of what they are doing to us in the moment, we can actually drop them, drop the story.
Sometimes we keep on trying to HEAL them, but it may only be the pain body/ego trying to keep them alive, cause we don’t know who we’ll be without our old story.
We decide how long to carry the bag full of shit with us… whatever may have happened yesterday, 10 years ago, does not need to define us NOW!
We don’t need to keep creating the same situations to re-live the past.
Maybe we’re just too afraid to be NEW, to be nobody and no one.
New to this moment.
So we need a heavy bag of past to tell us who we are and how we need to act.
Carry a bag long enough and you won’t even know you’re carrying it… till you drop it that is 🙂
In the moment there is nothing, ever, to heal, only a life to be lived. Awareness of the present automatically dissolves the grip our past has on us, and that is the “healing”.


sometimes we may wake up and the thoughts of what’s wrong, what can be better, what is missing in our lives, can come flooding in.

somewhere along the way we’ve been conditioned to think that we need something else to be happy, to be well.

we can re-program our brain to think about what is great and good in our lives every time a thought of lack or inadequacy comes

what is going great in our lives…. focus on that & that will grow 🙂