“Healing” can become re-living.
Have you ever noticed in a retreat, a conversation, a healing space, where something comes up, how long you want to keep talking about it?
And what happens when you’re asked to drop it? Have you ever noticed the resistance to do that?
If you notice a thorn in your foot, you probably would just throw it away and keep on walking and the foot will start to heal. Though sometimes we decide to keep it in there so we have a story to tell, or keep it in our pocket to show it to everyone, while our foot’s already healed.
Past emotions, traumas, may get stored in our body, but once we become conscious of them, of what they are doing to us in the moment, we can actually drop them, drop the story.
Sometimes we keep on trying to HEAL them, but it may only be the pain body/ego trying to keep them alive, cause we don’t know who we’ll be without our old story.
We decide how long to carry the bag full of shit with us… whatever may have happened yesterday, 10 years ago, does not need to define us NOW!
We don’t need to keep creating the same situations to re-live the past.
Maybe we’re just too afraid to be NEW, to be nobody and no one.
New to this moment.
So we need a heavy bag of past to tell us who we are and how we need to act.
Carry a bag long enough and you won’t even know you’re carrying it… till you drop it that is 🙂
In the moment there is nothing, ever, to heal, only a life to be lived. Awareness of the present automatically dissolves the grip our past has on us, and that is the “healing”.

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