It’s OK to stop, rest, slow down!

If we live life as if we are training for a race, training to get ourselves to the finish line in a time that makes us feel we have have achieved “something”
We still want to enjoy the training, our journey there
And realise that it’s not about the finish line at all
Whatever goals we have, whatever we think we are working “for”
We don’t need to run ourselves down on our way there
If we get injured while training, or in the race itself, it’s ok to stop, rest, slow down, whatever our body needs.
Nobody is judging us but ourselves.
Getting to the finish with a busted body, needing months to recover, may be a bit counterproductive
I observe myself and others living in this way, running and running to achieve and meet our goals, and forgetting to stop and breathe on the way. Than we get to the “end” and start the process all over again.
Keep asking “Why?”
“For what?”
“For who?”
Let our body dictate our pace. Let it build its own strength. Let the mind get stronger along the way without forcing!
Do the race because you enjoy the training.
Life is too short to live just at the finish line!

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