Some days seem heavier than others, tinted with sadness, melancholy.
If we try to understand why, or change it, we suffer unnecessarily!
The sea doesn’t ask the wind why its blowing, it just waves, then goes back to stillness.
When we decide that we want to LIVE fully, we decide to stop numbing and escaping, we are deciding to accept all, to drop the resistance, and experience fully!
We don’t always know how life will express itself.
On those days and moments that life seems more difficult, stop trying to DO something about it
Happiness, sadness, joy and sorrow come and go
Embody them and live them and know also that you are not just them! Witness 🙂
Eventually, it all just subsides, changes.


sometimes we may wake up and the thoughts of what’s wrong, what can be better, what is missing in our lives, can come flooding in.

somewhere along the way we’ve been conditioned to think that we need something else to be happy, to be well.

we can re-program our brain to think about what is great and good in our lives every time a thought of lack or inadequacy comes

what is going great in our lives…. focus on that & that will grow 🙂


Life – Do We Ever Stop Learning?

In this age, we are surrounded by knowledge that is very accessible. With a few clicks we can tap into age old scriptures, teachings from old spiritual Masters, blogs from self-help gurus, blogs by people like myself who are just life enthusiasts and like to write and express to others what they think about and experience, books about how to live, what will make us happy, how to find happiness. There are talks online to keep us sat down listening, learning and meditating on them for a few lifetimes.

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Life As Our Practice

Many times I hear myself and others say that we don’t have time to meditate, to do our practices, to be mindful. The truth is we have all the time in the world to do it. Every moment is an opportunity to be mindful and present.

Some of the best words I have heard from my many teachers in life, and words I do my best to remind myself and live by, are “Make Life Your Practice”.

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Following Our Heart

How many times do we hear a voice telling us something, pointing us in a direction, and it just feels right?

How many times do we listen to that voice, and how many times do we just ignore it and run on auto pilot, using our routine and excuses to shut it down?

I had two conversations today that brought this up, one with a total stranger who I had just met, and one with a close friend.

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Sometimes life can feel like a struggle. Not a physical struggle, but a mental, emotional struggle. We go through days of thinking too much, feeling that life is going to just crumble if we don’t find the solution in the next minute.

Halfway through a Vipassana retreat that I had done – a 10-day, silent meditation retreat where you mostly meditate and go about the other daily routines like eating in total silence – I had a one-on-one with a buddhist nun who lived there. We were meant to ask questions related to the practice. The main task in a Vipassana retreat is that of getting to know your own mind, allowing the stillness and silence to take you deeper into it.

I had been very aware of what was going on in my head, intensely, for a few days. There I was not distracted by the daily routines of cooking, working, checking my phone, or even reading, writing or listening to music, and it was amazing how aware I became of the non-stop mental commentary going on in my head. We were told to be mindful of every moment, and I was trying my best to do that. It was intense at times and totally blissful at others.

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Determination & Self-Worth

A few weeks ago I was helping a friend shoot a promo for her restaurant, and our job was to each say a word or two of the business’ vision written on the restaurant’s wall. I randomly chose two pieces of paper, and one of them had “DETERMINATION” and the other “SELF-WORTH” written on them. As we know, nothing is random!

My dear friend commented about the words, and it got me thinking about determination, self-worth, and how they’re connected. So now here I am sharing my experience with these states 🙂

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Taking The Plunge

While I was out running with some friends one day, we came to a steep dirt downhill, and while two of us ran down speedily, filling our shoes with dry clay dust on the way down, the third of us was finding it a bit more challenging. She was not used to running downhills, so it was a bit scary for her.

As I looked at her taking one step at a time, noticing the hesitation, it reminded me of how I was also scared of running down hills, and how now I just let go and speed down, knowing that once in a while I might slide on my ass, and that wouldn’t be so bad.

I’m always facing some challenge in life, something new that I find more challenging than other stuff. As long as I see it as a challenge, all is well, but when fear pops in, I have to go through the process of moving through it. Some fears have been harder to break through than others, some were easier, and some I’m still dealing with.

Along the way, I’ve noticed some common patterns I go through when I’m dealing with fear.

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Allowing Healing

I get a lot of realisations and clarifications while I’m running, or through my experience of running. One of them recently was a comparison of emotional pain or injury to physical.

Emotional pain, in my experience, either arises from past experiences, or is triggered by a present experience, which may often be bringing up past experiences which need to heal.

When I have a physical injury, say my knee is aching, there is a process for healing.

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Food For Thought

Although I love food, this post is not about what goes into our body, but into our mind.

The same saying – “we are what we eat” – applies for our mind – our state of mind is the product of the food we feed our mind. The food comes through our senses, so whatever we think, touch, see, hear, smell and taste. Mostly here we are talking of seeing and hearing, and then what we are thinking about it.

Do we ever stop to witness what is coming into our mind, and what thoughts we are giving energy to?

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