Another Way to Cultivate Belief

Today I got asked by a friend in Bangkok, “how did you get to do this?’, that is, decide to leave home and travel for a year. After a month in my trip I’m no expert on travelling long term. But it got me thinking: how do I get to doing the things I’m doing, and what keeps me from doing other things I want to do.

Well in my experience it comes down mostly to belief, faith that it will happen. I have mostly only manifested things that I really started believing will happen, living them before they start happening. But how do I let that faith grow, how do I change a belief? The first time I thought of travelling for longer than a month I was in India, for a month, and I thought, one day, I want to do this for at least 3 or 6 months, possibly even going solo. So a year later I was planning to travel to Indonesia with my then girlfriend for a month, and when she couldn’t make it I started looking for someone else to join me. But it had to be someone I could get along with. Travelling with someone can be a heavy if you’re not into the same stuff, even if you wake up at different times, anything can bug you!

Then it dawned on me: I can do this on my own. I already have a hard time deciding stuff on my own, fighting in my own head, let alone with somebody else. A friend of mine had done a short solo trip and that gave me hope. Then I got on the Internet and looked up solo travelling, cause I didn’t know much solo travellers from my country (yet). There I found out it’s a very common thing, many people do it, and all of them love it. And I did too! For all the usual reasons: getting to meet more people, doing what I wanted, changing plans in the last minute without consulting anyone, and so on.

What I’m getting at is that for me the easiest way to change a belief is to get in touch with people who already did what I want to do, be it local or on the many forums on the net. Read blogs about it, research it, talk about it. Then the faith will grow. I start believing that it’s a possible thing to do and I can do it too.

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