Passing Through

“Passing through, passing through.
Sometimes happy, sometimes blue,
Glad that I ran into you.
Tell the people that you saw me passing through.” LC – Passing Through

What are we taking so seriously today? Death, heartbreak, loss of a job, hurt your toe, woke up sick, punctured tire, sick family member? Our neighbour is pissing us off?

Maybe we’re not living the way we think we should be living? Not doing enough?

What is taking up space in our mind this moment ?

Those lines are always a great reminder that we are just PASSING THROUGH.

Whatever we think is so important, isn’t really. Whatever we think we should be achieving…

go out and achieve it, and if you do, great, if you don’t, well at least you tried, enjoy the adventure.

Whatever it is you’re feeling, joy, sorrow, health, sickness, it will change, so don’t worry to much about it. At least don’t make it last more than it’s meant to last by living through memory!

We don’t know what’s round the corner, we know where we are now, and we can only make the best of this now, NOW!

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