All is Change

Sometimes, I sit in the comforting darkness and let my mind run.

Look at all the stuff it brings up.

Even what I label as good is just “stuff” coming through.

I sit here, and I let it sink in, that we really are just passing through.

And whatever is passing through us is also just passing through. Every thought and every experience.

Whatever importance we may attach to it is just our label, our perception, our need to make it “real” and immortal.

All that seems to matter is that I allow joy to shine through this being.

And only when I remove the clouds of self-ish-ness that I sometimes hang on to, can that happen.

And some clouds can sit there a long time suspended in the humid air creating stormy pressure, getting darker, till they disperse, dissolve, burst into rain. Realising there was nothing!

Only when I live every action as an action of service to All – including me – does that Joy seem to shine through.

Then even sadness can be joyfull cause there is no one resisting or trying to get rid of it.

When I try to DO any-thing to “make” me happy, seems its just futile.